In my 3-month programme, I support gifted adolescents and adults to embrace their brilliance and unleash their potential. We will explore your multipotentiality and create strategies on strengthening your self-awareness, self-confidence, and stamina. Thrive to be the shining star you're meant to be! 


"We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves."    –  Marie Curie

strengthen your self-awareness

Being aware of your abilities, personality, and emotions is the basis for exploring your talents and interests. Strengthen your self-awareness to understand your multipotentiality and identify which interests you want to pursue to live a fulfilling gifted life!

strengthen your self-confidence

Self-confidence is the most important ingredient to allow high potential to flourish. Valuing yourself and trusting in your abilities and judgement creates the inner foundation to dare the incredible. Strengthen your self-confidence to try new things, be more resilient, and shine like a star!

strengthen your stamina

Many gifted individuals are used to master tasks effortlessly. Thus, when faced with a real challenge, they sometimes feel insecure and hesitate to walk the extra mile. Strengthen your stamina to turn challenges into learning situations to gain knowledge, experience, and confidence!



The 2 steps towards a fulfilling gifted life

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In the first part, we will explore your talents and interests to identify what makes you thrive. By focusing on your individual abilities, you will then learn to achieve a productive and creative flow state that unleashes all of your potential. In addition, you will learn about the significance of boredom to nurture your creativity.

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In the second part, you will learn to create a conscious connection between your thoughts, personal beliefs, and emotions to increase your stamina and self-confidence. Together, we will uncover dysfunctional interpretations of situations that slow you down unconsciously. We will create strategies on how you can cognitively tone down feelings of stress and achieve emotional balance.




"I can highly recommend the coaching with Marianna, especially if you haven't known about your giftedness for a long time! The new thinking patterns lead to a higher level of awareness of your abilities and confidence in yourself. And, not to forget, with Marianna you always have a lot of fun in the meetings!"



"Coaching with Marianna is a real game changer. Having so many interests and talents, it can be really difficult to decide which ones to pursue and what to focus on. Marianna helps to strengthen your self-confidence and to really trust in your abilities. After the 3 month-programme you know how to let go of negative thoughts that are holding you back and how to fully embrace your gifted potential."



"Marianna's coaching is fantastic! She teaches strategies to define your potential more precisely and to strengthen your inner foundation, which helps to unleash your abilities and achieve more emotional balance. What I like most is that all of the content is based on scientific knowledge and that Marianna explains the respective theories and models. Since every session has a clear topic, you can feel a growth in your mindset after each session!"

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I'm Marianna Massimilla Rusche and I'm an expert on human intelligence and the brain. As a psychologist and neuroscientist, I am researching on human intelligence and knowledge acquisition for my PhD. I also work as a consultant for artificial intelligence in the German Bundestag. I've been a coach for gifted individuals since 2018, certified by the European Council for High Ability (ECHA). I'm a member of Mensa International, the world's largest network for gifted people.


With my coaching, I aim to support gifted adolescents and adults in embracing their brilliance and unleashing their potential. Together we will explore your multipotentiality and create strategies on strengthening your self-awareness, self-confidence, and stamina to be the shining star you're meant to be! 

My work is based on the scientific knowledge of cognitive psychology, emotion-focused psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.


For more information and a free first meeting send me an email to:




Dr Rebecca D. Napier

Dr Rebecca D. Napier is the director of Gifted Pathways, and one of Australia's most passionate and qualified gifted education experts. She is a registered teacher and gifted education coordinator in the Independent school sector, specialising in children aged 5-17.  She has made significant contributions to supporting gifted children as a founding board member of Australia's first gifted school, and a board member of Australian gifted and talented associations. She is an authority on giftedness, with a background in working with families in urban and rural settings in Canada and Australia. Dr Napier's practical experience and research findings have been broadly supported by a number of institutions including Flinders University, Australian Mensa, Debating SA, Oliphant Science Awards, Tournament of Minds, Chess SA, and ABC Australia. She holds a PhD in Gifted Education researching the career development of gifted adolescent girls from Flinders University and is a Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching, and a member of CoachVille.



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